The Ritz Club, London: How to get membership

Want access to the most exclusive casino in the United Kingdom? Find out how you can get membership to ultra-luxurious Ritz Club in London to enjoy playing casino games at one of the most opulent land based casinos in the world.

What is The Ritz Club?

Ritz ClubThe Ritz Club is a classy, glamorous members-only casino located in the former ballroom of London’s famous Ritz Hotel. If James Bond was real, this is where he would sip a dry martini while flirting with beautiful women in ball gowns at the baccarat tables. The casino maintains its exclusivity and reputation by keeping its doors shut to members of the public – the only way in is to either be a guest of the Ritz Hotel or with a pre-approved membership. Snobby? Certainly, but once you get a look inside this extravagant casino you’ll want to do whatever it takes to find your way in.

The Ritz Casino experience

The main gaming salon at the Ritz is considered one of the most elegant rooms in London and it looks more like a fine art museum than it does a gambling floor. The walls are adorned with gold embellishments and beautiful paintings, magnificent chandeliers hang from the ceiling and the furniture would not be out of place in a royal palace. Players are treated like royalty, driven to the casino in luxury limousines where they are warmly welcomed by a dedicated concierge service and treated to the finest food and drinks.

Ritz Club casinoThe gaming experience is warm and intimate, with The Ritz Casino offering a variety of table games including blackjack, American roulette, punto banco and three card poker. Minimum bets on roulette start from £5, with all other table games carrying a minimum bet of £25. Maximum bets amounts are available upon request only, but it’s safe to say these guys will happily cater to the high rollers.

Ritz Casino games are available to play 24 hours, seven days a week.

Salles Privées private gaming rooms

If the main gaming salon isn’t quite exclusive enough for you, the casino also offers three Salles Privées, or private gaming rooms. Named the Amber, the Carmen and the Aida, these private salons offer the most discerning Ritz Club members the ultimate in privacy, service and gaming. The Carmen Room holds two roulette tables, one blackjack table and one baccarat table, The Amber Room holds two roulette tables and two baccarat tables and the Aida Room is dedicated purely to punto banco, with two baccarat tables on offer.

Applying for membership

Membership to the Ritz Club can be obtained in only two ways – either by being a guest at the Ritz Hotel (which will set you back around £600 per night) or by signing up and seeking approval through the membership application process. To join, you need to be at least 18 years old and will need to request an application form either directly from the Ritz concierge or you can put in a pre-request for a form online.

Once completed, the form needs to be returned to The Ritz Club where you will be assessed for suitability. If the club accepts your membership, you will be required to provide photographic proof of identification (passport, driver’s license or identity card) upon your first visit to the casino to complete the application process. You’ll also need to fork over the lifetime membership fee of £1,000.

Think membership to The Ritz Club is our of your reach? Check out our guide to the best online casinos instead, where all members over the age of 18 are welcome, provided online gambling is legal in your country.

Rules of Ritz Club membership

Ritz Club LondonIf you are accepted as a member of The Ritz Club, there are certain rules you will be subject to in order to withhold your membership. For example:

  • The Ritz Club can at any time request you provide proof of funds if they suspect you are gambling outside of your financial means
  • The casino does not allow members to gamble on credit, with no exceptions
  • The casino reserves the right to withhold any winning money if they suspect cheating was involved
  • Members can invite guests to the casino as long as they are over the age of 18, but the introducing member will be responsible for the behaviour of the guest and the guest cannot stay in the premises once the member has left
  • The Ritz Club has the right to refuse entry and revoke the membership of anyone whose behaviour becomes unacceptable due to intoxication

A dress code applies at The Ritz Club, but it is nowhere near as formal as the photos on the website would lead you to believe. Smart casual dress is required at all times, with no sporting attire or sneakers allowed.

About the Ritz Hotel London

The Ritz Hotel is a world-renowned, prestigious five-star hotel and casino in Piccadilly, London and is a classic icon for British high society. As a member of international consortium, Leading Hotels of the World Ltd (LHW), the hotel is inspected regularly to ensure it maintains the upmost standards of world-class luxury. We’re talking some seriously old-school grandeur here, with an interior designed to replicate the style of Louis XVI, leading some historians to compare the hotel to the royal Buckingham Palace. The Ritz is famous for its opulent Palm Court facility which hosts the legendary Afternoon Tea at the Ritz where members of high society can sip on 18 different styles of loose-leaf tea while being crooned by the resident harpist and pianist.

The Ritz is located at 150 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London. Find out more about The Ritz Club, request a membership form and see for yourself what this opulent casino has to offer at