Top 5 online casinos to avoid at all costs

Whether you’re doing some online shopping or enjoying a sneaky game of blackjack at an online casino, your internet security is incredibly important. We’ve all heard stories of web-based scams, where people are tricked into forfeiting their credit card details to some unknown person on the other side of the globe. Unfortunately, while web security is being constantly improved, professional criminals are always look for new ways to bleed you dry.

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Safe and licensed online casino websites

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That’s why you must always be aware of industry standards and regulations, particularly if you’re about to part with large sums of cash. That is especially true for online casinos. We only recommend trustworthy sites that use the gold-standard of internet security, that way you can be sure your details – and cash – are safe. Sometimes the unsafe sites are hard to spot, however, so we’ve put together a list of the online casinos you should avoid at all costs.

Ace Live Casino

This casino is what you could call a “sore loser”. It’s notorious for offering bonus bets, and then refusing to pay after a win because of what it claims to be an “abuse of our generous bonus system”. The casino claimed players were depositing only when a 100% match bonus was available, and then balancing the bonus wager on one or two roulette spins as a means to “maximise a win with bonus funds”.

Frustratingly, Ace Live Casino calls this “unusual bankroll management”, and “classic behaviour of bonus abusers”. We call this practice “bonus baiting”, because the casino is baiting the player with a bonus to sign up, only to then make it difficult for the player to claim said bonus. In short, it’s a scam.

This, combined with the site’s rough-around-the-edges customer service, makes Ace Live Casino a massive no-go.

Landmark Bingo

The general rule of thumb when it comes to online casinos is that if there are issues when withdrawing your money, you should get out as quickly as you arrived. Landmark Bingo has a notorious history of trying to limit and completely restrict customers funds, making it difficult for players to access their winnings. Multiple reports claim the casino demands an additional deposit before players are able to withdraw any winnings.

Wins have also been confiscated completely under terms that aren’t explicitly listed in the casino’s terms and conditions. Whenever a casino claims you haven’t deposited enough to be able to withdraw any winnings, it’s time you blacklisted the joint and went somewhere else!


Betmotion online casino is yet another site that has issues allowing players to deposit funds. Multiple customers have complained of non-responsive customer service, which can be frustrating when withdrawn winnings haven’t left your account yet.

Some players claim the casino purposefully ignores requests for a withdraw in the hope you’ll give up and use the money on the site. That makes for a very unsafe environment, where you’re depositing funds, winning cash, and are then faced with the prospect of never seeing the money that is rightfully yours. Avoid Betmotion.


Balzac has long been considered a rogue online casino by seasoned players. It appears to be unregulated, meaning it doesn’t come under any recognised legal jurisdiction. This makes it an incredibly unsafe site, being that you aren’t protected by the law should something go wrong.

Many players have complained of depositing funds and then being unable to make any withdrawals, even if it’s just their initial deposit. Don’t be fooled by the site’s plethora of games on offer: you should always steer clear of unregulated casino sites.

Winward Casino

Where do you start with Winward Casino? This virtual scam has a host of issues, from unpaid winnings, to unreasonable bank transfer fees, poor customer service, and a reluctance to delete user accounts. On top of this, it’s renowned for its bogus bonus system, in that some players have never received their welcome bonus.

It promises some of the “best casino bonuses” on the web, but when it refuses to actually honor its promise, it’s a hard casino to recommend.

Safe online casinos

It’s important to play at casinos that are found within verified gaming jurisdictions. Some regions aren’t bound by online gambling laws, and as such an online casino based in these areas aren’t legally bound to offer you service and fair play.

That’s why you should always ensure an online casino has been approved by eCOGRA, which is a globally recognised gambling authority. Other authorities like Global Gaming Services, Technical Systems Testing (TST), and BMM International also ensure the highest standard of safety and fairness.

All of our recommended sites are reputable, safe and trustworthy, and are frequently audited by the above bodies. Each of the below casino sites can be accessed on your PC and Mac computers, mobiles, tablets and even Smart TVs.