Online slots: Facts and myths

When it comes to slot machines, there are all kinds of superstitions and beliefs about what these games can and cannot do, and what players can do to influence the outcome of a spin. But which are the facts and which are the myths? We take a look at the common facts and myths about online slot machines to arm our readers with proper information before they head to an online casino to lay down a real money wager on the slots.

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Online slots are rigged

  • Myth – Online slots are rigged to pay in favour of the casino operator and are purposely designed to cheat players out of their money.
  • Fact – While it is true there are some dodgy vendors out there using questionable slot software deceitfully designed to pay in their favour, this can be avoided entirely if you play at a licensed and legitimate online casino which uses regulated gaming software. There are many trustworthy casino sites available using certified, tested RNG (random number generated) slot software, where the results of each spin are based on advanced mathematical algorithms which cannot be manipulated by the vendor in any way. Third-party testing authorities like eCOGRA audit the RNG software used by reputable casinos and provide certification to those who pass the test so players can be sure they are playing un-rigged, unbiased games.

However, all slot machines, both online and land based, are designed to pay in favour of the casino in the long run, so you could consider all slot machines are rigged to an extent. Slot machines offer a varying RTP (return to player) which is the term used to describe the percentage of money a slot machine will pay back to the player over time, with the highest slot game RTP sitting around 97%. Online slots generally provide a much better RTP percentage than land based machines, and players have the freedom to choose games with higher RTP rates, which is another reason why online slots are better.

I can influence the outcome of a slot game

  • Myth – The outcome of a spin on a slot machine can be influenced by certain factors like how long the spin button is held for, the temperature of the coin inserted into the machine and the outcome of previous spins.
  • Fact – There are many superstitions applying to slot machines, especially land based machines where hopeful players believe they can alter the results of a spin by putting an ice-cold coin into the slot, or playing at a machine which has not produced a big win in a while. The reality is the result of every slot spin is completely random, with all wins based purely on luck. There is absolutely nothing a player can do to influence or help determine the outcome of a slot game, and thinking otherwise can be harmful. While there is nothing wrong with having general superstitious beliefs like wearing your lucky underwear or the belief the colour red will bring you good fortune, thinking you can manipulate a slot game to land on a winning combination is straight-up impossible.

Avoid slots recently awarded a jackpot

  • Myth – If an online slot game has recently paid-out a big jackpot, it means the same game won’t produce a big win for ages.
  • Fact – As explained above, the outcome of each slot spin is completely random and is not influenced by any internal or external factors. The result of each spin is generated independently of any coming before or after, so there’s absolutely no reason why an online slot game just awarded a huge jackpot cannot trigger another jackpot within moments. In terms of progressive jackpot slot games, the jackpot will need time to grow after it has been won to produce a similar sized win, but it does not mean it is not capable of being triggered.

Only high rollers win the large jackpots

  • Myth – The major progressive jackpot slot games are only ever won by high-rollers.
  • Fact – Anyone can win a progressive jackpot, as the RNG software has no way of knowing whether you are a high roller or a recreational punter and it wouldn’t matter either way. Some of the biggest multi-million dollar progressive jackpot online slot wins have been claimed by casual players from just a couple of dollars. However, there is a slight hint of truth to this myth as some progressive jackpot slot games do require the maximum bet to be played in order for the progressive jackpot to be triggered, but these are typically pretty affordable and not just for the high rollers.

There’s less chance of winning when using bonus money

  • Myth – If I play an online slot game using bonus money given to me by the casino, my chances of winning are lowered.
  • Fact – An online slot game has absolutely no knowledge of whether the money you are wagering comes from your own pocket or was given to you by the casino, and your chances of winning are the same regardless of where your money has come from. The RTP of an online slot game is the same whether you use bonus money or your own money.

When dissecting the myths and the facts of online slots, the golden rule to remember is there is nothing a player can do to influence the outcome of a spin. To try your luck on the slots, head to one of our recommended online casino sites in the table above, where you can sample slot games for free in demo mode to put these myths to the test, or sign up for an account to play for the chance to win real money.