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Video poker is a popular online casino game that often gets overlooked due to the dominance of online slot games, but still has a massive market from those seeking a different gameplay experience that requires a certain level of skill. We look at some of the most widely accepted video poker strategies and explain how you can try these strategies online at the best Internet casinos.

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There are a lot of reasons why video poker is so popular. Many players like that it is almost like a poker based, interactive slots game. Others like the fact that it allows them to play poker without competition. Even though these games are very straight forward and simple to play, there are still some things you can do to see better results. If you’re completely new to online casinos, you might want to check our guide to online casino strategy for more helpful info.

Basics of online video poker

Online video pokerVideo poker variations are abundant on the Web, but most of them follow the same basic set-up of five-card draw, 52-card deck traditional poker – the major difference is you’re playing against a computer opponent rather than real people around the poker table. Payouts for each type of hand are clearly displayed in each game.

Players can typically bet between one and five coins per hand, with a lower house edge overall with larger wagers. After clicking ‘deal’, we are then dealt five cards by the computer. From here we have the option to draw again, hold specific cards or all cards, or discard some or all to make the best possible hand.

Depending on our final poker value of our hand, we’re paid out according to the agreed upon pay-scale. In the end, the dealing of the virtual cards is all up to chance and luck, but what cards we decide to keep and what cards we decide to draw is what constitutes video poker strategy.

Tactics to follow in Internet video poker

Exact strategy in video poker varies due to the different types of games on offer (Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, etc), with different games meaning different pay tables and different approaches. For example, in Deuces Wild, all twos act as wild cards and in Joker Poker, the Joker is brought into the fold as a a natural wild card, completely changing up the standard game.

However, there are some tips that are universally applicable to all types of video poker on the Web.

1. Bet the maximum coins for video poker jackpot

Video poker is best played by wagering the maximum number of coins per game. This is so you can be eligible for the highest jackpots; betting 1 coin in a game of Jacks or Better or Aces and Faces and getting a royal flush will earn you a nice 250:1 payout of 250 coins, but betting the maximum of 5 coins will nab you 4000 coins at 800:1. If you’re in it to win big, it’s the way to go. Even if you’re playing with a more conservative bankroll, you can change the amount of your coin size wager – for instance, you can bet five $1 AUD coins rather than one $5 AUD coin. It may seem like a pointless difference, but wagering the former will mean you can win the maximum jackpot available.

2. Always hold on…

Royal flush, straight flush, full house, four of a kind, three of a kind, and two pair – these are all hands you should always keep without question. The one exception is considered to be three of a kind, where you should get rid of your other two cards to try for a four of a kind or a full house.

3. Keep the Royals

If you get a suited King, Queen and Jack or Queen, Jack and Ten card, keep the royal cards and draw for a royal flush.

4. Loosen up on the low cards

Hang on to your pair of lows. Why? They’re always more value than a single high card. Hold the low pair and discard everything else including the high card, as no single high card is better than a low pair.

5. Play for free in practice mode

A huge advantage to playing video poker online is that the best online casino sites provide players with the option of trialling games for free in demo mode, so you can get a hang of different types of games while also trying out different video poker strategies. Free play lets you put the above tips to use and see for yourself if you think this advice is useful. You might even develop a strategy of your own along the way – and with no damage to your own pocket.

Where to play real money video poker online

Only the best and safest casinos on the Web offer high-quality video poker worth playing. Several Internet casino establishments match our criteria for fun and secure gambling, with the customer service, slick and easy-to-navigate interfaces and quality of gameplay to match.

As online gambling laws differ in each country, not all players are accepted at all online casinos. To find out which reputable, licensed online casinos accept players in your country, refer to our casino table above which has been geo-targeted to recognise your location and only recommend safe casino sites that welcome players from your region. All of these sites offer a selection of video poker variants that are available for instant-play directly over your desktop or mobile Web browser with no downloads required.

Play all popular variations of video poker on your computer, mobile or tablet device at any of our recommended casino sites for real money, and redeem numerous bonuses, promos and competitions in generous welcome packages. For a full list of the top-rated video poker sites accepting players from your country, refer to our casino table at the top of this page.


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