Google Chrome online casino websites

Google Chrome is one of the most popular Web browsers in the world and our top pick for real money players – learn how easy it is to access and play at Internet casino websites with Chrome via instant-play in this article.

United States Best Google Chrome online casino websites

Best Google Chrome online casino websites

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Online Slots Kings

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#2 BetOnline Casino

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What is Google Chrome instant-play?

Google Chrome instant play online casino websitesPlaying Internet casino games in the modern era such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette and the slots is as simple as loading the game up in your Web browser tab. Thanks to Adobe Flash technology and HTML5, in-built and automatically updated in the majority of Web browsers, casino games load directly in your browsing tab like any other website or image or video. You do not have to actually download any special software (as was the case in the past) at casino sites – this is also called no-download play.

When an online casino website advertises their offerings as being ‘instant-play‘ friendly, it means you can literally get into the game in seconds. This style of real money play is the preferred and most common type of online casino experience in 2017. Downloading specialised clients or mobile apps to access casino websites is still a thing for older casinos, but because Web browsers like Chrome are so fast and convenient now, there really isn’t any point in choosing the latter over instant play.

How do I start playing at online casinos using Google Chrome?

First of all, make sure Google Chrome is installed on your desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. If your device is new, it most likely will have another default Web browser installed instead of Chrome – simply use this browser to install Chrome by entering it in the search engine. It is a free download, directly offered on Google’s official website. Google Chrome is compatible with all operating systems – Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows – and mobile OS systems such as Android, iOS and Oppo.

Once installed on your device and fully updated to the latest firmware version, simply click (or tap if on mobile) any of the links to our recommended online casino websites listed on this page or on the casino tables at the top of every article on this domain.

What are the best online casino websites for Google Chrome users?

For Chrome users specifically, we recommend the following sites:

Note that not online casino websites accept players from every region. If a gambling site listed in the recommendations above is not available to you, it could be that the casino in question has region-blocked your country due to adherence to local gambling laws. The casino table at the top of this page is geo-targeted to know your location and only displays licensed casino websites catering to residents in your country, so you always have a handy reference on which verified venues are best for you.

What about mobile casinos on Google Chrome?

As mentioned above, Google Chrome is easily installed on smartphones and tablets and mobile casino websites work just as they would via Chrome on your computer or laptop. Online casino interfaces are optimised for the smaller touch-based screens and while some games are not available on mobile, the instant play experience is otherwise identical. Just load up your preferred online casino via Chrome on your mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Google Nexus, etc) and play instantly.

A nifty tip for Google Chrome mobile users is to turn your favourite online casino website into a Web app on their phone or tablet. This is essentially a personalised user-made app that sits on your device’s home-screen and acts like any other native app you would download from the Apple Store or Google Play app marketplaces, but instead loads up your favourite casino instantly.

To make a Web app, load your preferred game or the homepage of your chosen online casino website via Google Chrome. Load up Chrome’s in-browser menu and tap the ‘Add to Home-Screen’ option.

Web apps are entirely optional and the experience of playing online casinos games via Web app is identical to playing it via your mobile’s Google Chrome Web browser. It’s more of an added convenience for those who don’t wish to keep typing in the same casino URL addresses over and over.

Before trying out the very best online casino websites via Google Chrome and instant play – we recommend reading our extensive guides to offshore casino websites and gambling jurisdictions before jumping in.